Let self storage help with spring cleaning

Why do we associate spring with time for cleaning? The reason is simple – storage rotation – pulling stuff out of storage and finding a place to store your unused items. Everything from seasonal clothes to seasonal tools such as lawnmowers, gardening tools and supplies and outdoor furniture needs to be pulled out. And of course over the winter you’ve probably gathered things that you’d like to put back into storage: holiday decorations and winter gear – if you can find the energy, it’s an ideal time to clean.

Our self storage units are the perfect solution

Our self storage facilities are a perfect solution for safely storing your out-of-season gear, decorations and other odds and ends. Whether you need to store art, files, toys, home goods, sports equipment, tools, or other valuables, our units are climate-controlled and have video surveillance and other security.


While we’ve read about a number of approaches in spring cleaning and seasonal transition, using our climate controlled storage units allow you to use the tried and true method of a clean sweep of your home or business – boxing up everything that won’t be missed for a while and removing it to a safe storage place.

So go ahead, empty rooms of clutter as ruthlessly as possible, then take your clutter-filled boxes and put them immediately into storage. Do the same thing for your closets and garage. You’ll find that your rooms and closets look much more organized right away, as soon as they are clutter-free. This method will leave you with a storage space full of clutter-filled boxes that you’ll need to go back to later to sort out. But if you need to have your home or business clean and organized in a hurry – this is what you’ll want to do. If you’re lucky, you’ll find that nobody misses the clutter that you stored.

Once you’ve removed and stored all the clutter you can make time to return to the storage unit and sort through your items and keep, donate or toss – all in a comfortable climate controlled secure facility.

Spring cleaning may be a lot of work, but it can give you a new perspective and allow you the space to begin new personal and business tasks.