Keep holiday decorations safe

Have you gone big with holiday decor? Are you buried with Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas decorations? Keep your sanity and your joy of the seasons intact by keeping these holiday items safe and easy to get to – without having to build an extra garage to your home.

A storage unit is the solution

Comparing the cost of keeping Christmas and other holiday decorations in self storage units vs. buying new ones each year, it’s more economical to stash them away. Also, family valuables and holiday keepsakes are worth the effort to keep safe and undamaged.

Self storage units  can be useful for keeping homes organized and clutter-free during the holidays. Having clutter-free kitchens means preparing holiday meals and goodies will be less stressful and with a clutter free house, you’ll have more room for entertaining guests. Oh… and you’ll have room for the gifts you might receive.

A storage system

When you choose a self storage facility to safeguard your seasonal and holiday items use a system to make sure you’re not creating more workand hassle:

  • Use zip lock bags, boxes, and/or plastic tubs to organize
  • Put together a holiday tool kit – ties, hooks, ribbons, bulbs – all those things you know you’ll need!
  • Make an “open first” box.
  • Make a safe decorations, child-friendly box so they can help
  • For older children, make a craft box.
  • Store items together that will be displayed together – saves you time running from room to room.
  • Give lights some extra attention and space before storing them – replace bulbs and don’t cram them into boxes.
  • Don’t rush – Give special ornaments some special attention – make a tradition of putting up the decorations just as you did putting them out.
  • Store holiday wrapping paper and gift bags with other holiday items – don’t leave them out for another 9 months.

Using a self storage unit will help get Christmas decorating under control and keep your season merry and bright. Pick a convenient and safe storage facility. And think carefully about what you are stroring  – you may decide it may be worth a few extras dollars a month to ensure your holiday decorations are kept safe from extreme temperatures and humidy. We know we do.