Cold weather storage

This year’s winter here in Huntsville may be a long one. Cold and wet weather can make scheduling work difficult. Stocking, sorting and preparing shipments and inventory often can’t be put off while small business owners wait for a warm winter day to make their way down to their storage unit. So they suffer the cold wind and rain.

Our temperature and climate controlled storage units make running a small business that handles inventory much more… well… comfortable. Business owners and sales staff are able to focus on managing their business and tasks – not keeping themselves comfortable. Plus your valuable inventory is not put at risk of damage by harsh temperature extremes or wet weather.

Our storage units help you run your small business

Take advantage of our well equipped business center and conference room.  Plus compared to unheated outside storage units, you’ll discover storing and managing your inventory for a small business from a climate controlled stoage facility will have result in real money savings. You’ll benefit from:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Increase well being and comfort
  • Improved safety
  • Personal security
  • Inventory security
  • Inventory integrity

Many of our clients mention the increased productivity and efficiency as a primary reason they’ve chosen a climate controlled storage facility. They appreciate and value their ability to access products and manage business on their  schedule and not have to schedule their work according to the weather.

We work hard to make sure our storage facility is clean, safe and secure. One thing we can’t improve is the location – Near downtown Huntsville on Hwy 72, just around the corner from the intechange of Hwy 231 and I565. We’re easy to find for your vendor deliveries and you’re just minutes away from downtown Huntsville, Cummings Research Park, Redstone  Arsenal and Madison.

Look through our storage options and availaility to find the perfect size to handle your growing business. And of course we’re always here to answer questions. Call us